Quick Tip: Create a List of Endangered Foods

  The other day A. was looking through the fridge and, predictably, stumbled upon some green vegetative matter hidden behind the tomato paste and adobo chilies.  “What is this?” he asked.  “I’m not sure,” I replied. “But it might have been kale. Or it might have been the single organism that all life originated from … Continue reading

5 Hidden Gems at The Supermarket

I would sum up my cooking philosophy this way: minimal effort for maximum taste. I like my recipes to be simple, natural, tasty, and preferably made in one pot. So when I go to the grocery store, I am always on the lookout for ingredients that can help me in this endeavor. But I’ve learned … Continue reading

Beet Walnut Pesto Rotini

Friends, I had high hopes this week. In my continuing quest to keep the baby, but lose the weight, I committed to find that perfect healthy baked good. I went to great lengths. Squares, bars, muffins. Whole wheat flour, spelt flour, rice flour. Chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds. I am sorry to report that … Continue reading

Supermarket Survival Guide: Yogurt Aisle

  The yogurt aisle is a minefield of good and bad choices. This is because yogurt has, in food industry-speak, a ‘health halo’ – meaning people perceive it to be healthy. Sometimes it is – and sometimes, not so much. Don’t get me wrong – plain, low fat yogurt is one of the healthiest choices … Continue reading

Mic check: 1, 2…1, 2…

Hoo boy! Here we go. Please excuse the look of the place – it’s definitely a fixer upper. Some of the pictures aren’t quite right, I’m still working on the fonts, and don’t get me started on the colour of the carpet. But I just couldn’t wait any longer to have you over! I know, … Continue reading