Guide to Grains Part 2: Life Beyond Quinoa

Now that you’ve tried quinoa, amaranth, barley and millet, I know you’re just dying to find out what other grains are out there, right? Well, good news – there’s lots to choose from! Here are two more of my favourites:   Bulgur for Weight Loss Perhaps bulgur is not the most exciting, sexy grain in the … Continue reading

5 Marketing Claims You Shouldn’t Fall For

  I’ve said it before – never believe anything you read on the box, even if it sounds healthy. Especially if it sounds healthy. Here are five phrases you should be wary of: Made with the goodness of wheat This is a popular one, often found on packages of crackers, bread and pastas. Notice it doesn’t say what kind of … Continue reading

Pimp My Grocery List

  In the few months since I’ve started this site, I’ve had some great feedback from you guys and I must say, that’s what’s kept me going. When you are marketing crackers, you rarely get people coming up to you telling you how much they love your Grainy Crunch’ems, so I find it so refreshing … Continue reading

Rosemary Marmalade Chicken

  I am always hesitant to make chicken recipes because although that’s what the majority of the population eats most weeknights, I find it incredibly bland and boring. I am too lazy and last-minute to ever marinate the chicken, and whatever sauces or rubs I brush on top of it never seem to penetrate into … Continue reading

Quick Tip: Drink Your Greens

I am going to make a startling confession here. Ready? Okay, here goes. I hate salad. Yes, you heard right. The woman who calls herself the Wholesome Hedonist can’t stand a leafy green (or a leafy purple, or a leafy white.) I don’t know what it is about salad. Perhaps it’s my preference for hot, … Continue reading