Pimp My Grocery List


In the few months since I’ve started this site, I’ve had some great feedback from you guys and I must say, that’s what’s kept me going. When you are marketing crackers, you rarely get people coming up to you telling you how much they love your Grainy Crunch’ems, so I find it so refreshing and inspiring to hear that you like my writing or that you are using the information or trying the recipes. 

All this is to say that I want to hear from you even more. I’m introducing a new feature on the site called Pimp My Grocery List. No, this doesn’t mean that you give me your grocery list and I give you back some crazy, blinged-out car (though that would be fun!)

What I hope to do is take specific items from your grocery list and suggest healthier options instead. So, instead of the sugary fibre bar I might suggest a more natural granola bar, or instead of the noodles and pasta dinner, I might introduce you to a healthier quick dinner option. I’ll write a post for every grocery list so other readers can get some ideas and inspiration too.



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