Weekly Specials

  As you can tell, I’m on a Pumpkin kick lately (perhaps it’s the tsunami of pumpkin posts from around the blogosphere.) I recently tried this Pumpkin Spice dip recipe from Super Healthy Kids, and while I said that I would never venture to make another dessert that had chickpeas in it, this one is not … Continue reading

Dessert for Breakfast: Baked Pumpkin Custard

Friends, I’m about to take you a mythical land. A land where sugar plum fairies dance on clouds of cotton candy, where snowmen skate on pools of frozen chocolate, and…where you can eat dessert for breakfast. Yes, I am well aware that the most unbelievable part of that sentence is dessert. for. breakfast! Given my … Continue reading

Indulging in Real Treats during the Holidays

Let me say one thing up front: this post is not about eating healthy during the holidays. Yes, I’m all about moderation and being sensible and planning ahead and blah, blah blah. But come on, it’s the holidays. When else do you have a chance to partake in sumptuous baked goods, or savoury stuffing, or buttery … Continue reading

Holiday Swap: Cranberry Sauce

  Ever wondered what goes into that canned cranberry sauce? No surprise: it’s basically cranberries, sugar, and other sweeteners. See my post on alternatives to that sugary concoction on Fooducate (I can’t wait to try that cranberry salsa recipe!)   photo credit: riekhavoc (caught up?) via photopin cc

Speaking With: Toronto Food Policy Council Chair Hélène St Jacques

One of my favourite parts of this blog has become the interviews – talking to people who are making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others has inspired me to follow my own purpose. Recently I sat down with Toronto Food Policy Chair Hélène St. Jacques in her beautiful, cozy office to … Continue reading

Using Up Kitchen Scraps: Part 2

Folks, I’m happy to report that my struggles in using up the endless march of autumn produce are finally paying off. In fact, today I had pumpkin soup and sauteed brussels sprouts for dinner just so I could cross brussels sprouts off my list of endangered foods! That’s commitment for you. As promised, here are some … Continue reading

Hot and Sour Shrimp Wonton Soup

Friends, I’m sad to say it, but winter is already here. Yesterday, preparing for a crisp fall walk through the leaves, I opened the door and was promptly hit with a blustery chill wind that made my eyes water and my ears freeze. I mean, I know I complained a little this year, but seriously? … Continue reading

GMO: Now, We’ll never know

Even though I’m Canadian, I was watching the election with bated breath. Not only because I’m a firm Obama suporter, but because I believed strongly in Prop 37. Proposition 37 was a landmark proposition put to Californian voters to label GMO foods. Unfortunately, despite overwhelming voter support a few months ago, Prop 37 was defeated … Continue reading

Doing some renovations…

Sorry if it’s quiet around here, folks – as you can see, I’ve moved into some new digs and I’m trying to spruce the place up a little. There will be lots of boxes (and broken links) lying around for a while…but in the mean time, you can read my blog post about my other … Continue reading