Weekly Specials


As you can tell, I’m on a Pumpkin kick lately (perhaps it’s the tsunami of pumpkin posts from around the blogosphere.) I recently tried this Pumpkin Spice dip recipe from Super Healthy Kids, and while I said that I would never venture to make another dessert that had chickpeas in it, this one is not bad. Plus it’s great fway to get picky toddlers to gobble up their fruit (who doesn’t like to dip?)


Confession: Sometimes I make tacos for dinner just so I can eat guacamole. Okay, all the time. This recipe for crunchy avocado fries from Dinner with Julie may keep me from going through all the taco trouble (avocado with a crunchy panko and parmesan coating?  I think I’ve found my heaven.)


I love that Amy is starting a series of posts visiting people in her neighbourhood that are doing amazing things with food. Her first post is about a neighbourhood bakery that makes bread the old way.


From the health files: a new study shows that grapefruit interacts with over 85 medications, sometimes leading to potentially fatal consequences. Read the list of meds at the bottom to make sure you and your loved ones are not on something that may cause harmful side effects.


And finally, a non-food feature; but this poem was so good that I just had to share. It has me dreaming of lazy summer days…


photo credit: Kay Gaensler via photopin cc


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