My Favourite Things: January

As part of a new series this year, or perhaps because I’ve been watching too many Oprah reruns, I will be presenting to you some of my favourite things each month. Except these are not diamond-encrusted watches or the latest gadgets (I wish.) Instead. they’re the staples of my kitchen; foods that I turn to … Continue reading

Flu-Buster Lassi

As I mentioned in my last post, it seems that all the cold and flu viruses out there decided to get together and share some holiday fun at the Wholesome Hedonist household. Unfortunately they chose me, A and Baby M as the site of their annual Christmas Party. And their New Year’s Eve Bash. And … Continue reading

Back and Raring to Go!

I know, I know. I meant to be a responsible blogger and post a vacation message here and leave you with some lovely treats to peruse over the holidays, but the truth is, life kind of took over. With a sunny vacation, multiple bouts of colds and flu, and fitting in some work time, December … Continue reading