Back and Raring to Go!

I know, I know. I meant to be a responsible blogger and post a vacation message here and leave you with some lovely treats to peruse over the holidays, but the truth is, life kind of took over. With a sunny vacation, multiple bouts of colds and flu, and fitting in some work time, December seemed to pass in a blur.

The good news is,  there’s been lots of exciting developments here at Wholesome Hedonist HQ – like a fantastic new job that I started in December, some great writing opportunities for magazines I love, and a new venture I’m starting with a friend. The bad news? That leaves me precious little time to write on the blog.

But that doesn’t mean I’m giving it up – I love this blog and you guys too much. It does mean, though, that posts will have to slow down a bit. I plan to post 1-2 times a week, but I promise those posts will be full of the stuff you guys love: supermarket crackdowns, favourite recipes and handy tips. Plus I’m starting a couple of new features: My Favourite Things, a spotlight on the foods and products that make my life easier, and Meal Plan Central, a peek at the meal plans I use to keep dinnertimes (mostly) on track.

Up later this week: my amazing Flu-Buster Mango Lassi, guaranteed to rev up your immune system while tasting delicious. A lassi is basically an Indian smoothie, and this one, which I’ve doctored up with some amazing immune-boosting and detox-ing ingredients, has become my go-to breakfast on harried mornings.

In the meantime: check out the January issue of Tonic Magazine, free at grocery and health food stores or in the Globe and Mail. You can read my articles about the tastiest jams to try (that was a hard assignment!) or the best gear to help you get out and enjoy that Winter Wonderland (yes – that is how I’m choosing to think about the below-freezing temperatures and gloomy skies. It’s all about positivity, people.)


photo credit: leezie5 via photopin cc


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