The People’s Oprah: February Favourite Things

Up next in my Favourite Things line up: my most exciting discovery in the past 12 months.

Ready for this?

You sure?


Before you groan, let me clarify. This is not the putty coloured, cement block tofu from your grocery store that feels and tastes like rubber. This is organic tofu made in small batches from non-GMO soybeans, flavoured with REAL ingredients. This tofu is delicious, comes already cut up in bite size pieces, has a nice, clean ingredient list, and honestly – honestly! – tastes like chicken.

Why do I love this tofu so much? Because I, like everyone else out there, need a dinner backup for nights when the meal plan just doesn’t happen. But since I try to stay away from processed frozen foods and pantry sides, I don’t have much choice out there. Enter Ying Ying tofu. This tofu a great meat substitute and it’s a breese to throw into a brown rice bowl, stir fry, pasta or even tacos. My favourite way to eat it is with soba noodles, sauteed kale and shitake mushrooms.

I buy it at my farmer’s market, but you can buy it at most health food stores too. One caution: some of the varieties contain sugar or a little too much salt for me, so make sure you read the labels. My favourites are miso, yellow curry and black bean. Find out more (including where to buy) at (And no, I’m not getting paid for this – I just think it’s really good stuff!)
photo credit: only alice via photopin cc


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