Think Natural Flavours are Natural? Think Again.

One of my favourite tips for navigating the grocery store is to buy the unflavoured option as often as possible. Not only does this usually mean that the product has  a simple ingredient list, but it also means that it likely doesn’t have natural or artificial flavours. Now, I’d always been wary of artificial flavours, … Continue reading

Indulging in Real Treats during the Holidays

Let me say one thing up front: this post is not about eating healthy during the holidays. Yes, I’m all about moderation and being sensible and planning ahead and blah, blah blah. But come on, it’s the holidays. When else do you have a chance to partake in sumptuous baked goods, or savoury stuffing, or buttery … Continue reading

GMO: Now, We’ll never know

Even though I’m Canadian, I was watching the election with bated breath. Not only because I’m a firm Obama suporter, but because I believed strongly in Prop 37. Proposition 37 was a landmark proposition put to Californian voters to label GMO foods. Unfortunately, despite overwhelming voter support a few months ago, Prop 37 was defeated … Continue reading

Claim Games: How Manufacturers Make a Label Sound Better Than it Actually is

I’ve talked here before about marketing claims you should watch for on packages, but did you know that there’s ingredients you should watch for too? I’ve always said that the ingredient list never lies, but unfortunately, because more and more consumers are reading the ingredient list,more and more companies are learning to ‘spin’ it. They are legally … Continue reading

5 Marketing Claims You Shouldn’t Fall For

  I’ve said it before – never believe anything you read on the box, even if it sounds healthy. Especially if it sounds healthy. Here are five phrases you should be wary of: Made with the goodness of wheat This is a popular one, often found on packages of crackers, bread and pastas. Notice it doesn’t say what kind of … Continue reading

Supermarket Survival Guide: Cereal Aisle

  One of the trickiest aisles to navigate in the supermarket is the cereal aisle. This is because, like yogurt, cereal has a “health halo”, which is food industry-speak for the aura of health that sounds a particular food (whether it deserves it or not.) People often think it’s a lot healthier than it is.  Another reason it’s … Continue reading

How to Avoid Big Food Marketing Pitfalls: Grocery Shopping Shortcuts

After my last post discussing the reality of food marketing, reader The Job Hunter asked a great question about whether there were any short cuts to analyzing products in the grocery store (especially once you are exhausted from a long day at work.) Hey, I hear you. I have a crazy one year old will … Continue reading

Confessions of a Processed Food Marketer; or What You Need to Know Before You Set Foot in a Grocery Store Again

  Have you gotten your grocery list pimped yet? That’ right, send me your grocery list, and I’ll give it a free healthy makeover! Details are here! I’ve worked in the processed food industry for several years, up until I had my son last year. Although I liked the challenging environment and the people I worked … Continue reading

Healthy Pretenders: The Most Overrated Foods in the Supermarket

I admit it: sometimes I’ll stand in front of the grocery store shelf for what seems like ages, picking up and putting down the same box of cereal, not sure if it’s a healthy choice. The row upon row of brightly coloured boxes can seem so mystifying! But over the years I have learned a … Continue reading

Supermarket Survival Guide: Yogurt Aisle

  The yogurt aisle is a minefield of good and bad choices. This is because yogurt has, in food industry-speak, a ‘health halo’ – meaning people perceive it to be healthy. Sometimes it is – and sometimes, not so much. Don’t get me wrong – plain, low fat yogurt is one of the healthiest choices … Continue reading