The People’s Oprah: February Favourite Things

Up next in my Favourite Things line up: my most exciting discovery in the past 12 months. Ready for this? You sure? Tofu. Before you groan, let me clarify. This is not the putty coloured, cement block tofu from your grocery store that feels and tastes like rubber. This is organic tofu made in small … Continue reading

My Favourite Things: January

As part of a new series this year, or perhaps because I’ve been watching too many Oprah reruns, I will be presenting to you some of my favourite things each month. Except these are not diamond-encrusted watches or the latest gadgets (I wish.) Instead. they’re the staples of my kitchen; foods that I turn to … Continue reading

Using Up Kitchen Scraps: Part 2

Folks, I’m happy to report that my struggles in using up the endless march of autumn produce are finally paying off. In fact, today I had pumpkin soup and sauteed brussels sprouts for dinner just so I could cross brussels sprouts off my list of endangered foods! That’s commitment for you. As promised, here are some … Continue reading

Putting Kitchen Scraps to Good Use

I’ve been thinking a lot about respect for food lately. It all started with an interview I did with Zahra Parvinian, board member at the Toronto Food Policy Council (I’ll be sharing this interview next week.) She talked about how, as an immigrant, she was disturbed by the North American attitude towards food. She thinks of the … Continue reading

How to Build A Better Breakfast

As I said in my Supermarket Survival Guide on cereal, there are a lot of Sneaky Peters out there in the cereal aisle – cereals that promise low-fat, wholesome goodness but rarely deliver. Don’t get me wrong – I think cereal is an easy, nutritious way to start the day, as long as you build your bowl … Continue reading

3 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Oatmeal Again

I have often told A that I can tell the changing of the seasons not by looking out the window, but by looking at my bowl of oatmeal.  I am a die-hard oatmeal fan and I love to use it as a blank canvas and top it with whatever’s in season: sunny peaches and pecans … Continue reading

Guide to Grains Part 2: Life Beyond Quinoa

Now that you’ve tried quinoa, amaranth, barley and millet, I know you’re just dying to find out what other grains are out there, right? Well, good news – there’s lots to choose from! Here are two more of my favourites:   Bulgur for Weight Loss Perhaps bulgur is not the most exciting, sexy grain in the … Continue reading

Quick Tip: Drink Your Greens

I am going to make a startling confession here. Ready? Okay, here goes. I hate salad. Yes, you heard right. The woman who calls herself the Wholesome Hedonist can’t stand a leafy green (or a leafy purple, or a leafy white.) I don’t know what it is about salad. Perhaps it’s my preference for hot, … Continue reading

Ingredient Spotlight: Chia Seeds

  Move over, Chia Pet. Make room, Chia Hair. Chia seeds have graduated from cheesy eighties gag gift to the new superfood on the block. I had heard rumblings about the benefits of chia seeds for a while, but frankly, they seemed too ‘healthy’ to me – I generally shy away from buying peripheral health ingredients … Continue reading

Supermarket Snack Hacks: Yogurt, The Final Frontier

So, you’ve read the other entries in this series, and now you’re buying plain yogurt from the grocery store and jazzing it up with cinnamon, cocoa powder and coffee, right? Of course you are. But, you ask, what about savoury options, Ms. Hedonist? Can I extend my Yogurt Repertoire even further? Well, ask and ye … Continue reading