Back and Raring to Go!

I know, I know. I meant to be a responsible blogger and post a vacation message here and leave you with some lovely treats to peruse over the holidays, but the truth is, life kind of took over. With a sunny vacation, multiple bouts of colds and flu, and fitting in some work time, December … Continue reading

Doing some renovations…

Sorry if it’s quiet around here, folks – as you can see, I’ve moved into some new digs and I’m trying to spruce the place up a little. There will be lots of boxes (and broken links) lying around for a while…but in the mean time, you can read my blog post about my other … Continue reading

5 Marketing Claims You Shouldn’t Fall For

  I’ve said it before – never believe anything you read on the box, even if it sounds healthy. Especially if it sounds healthy. Here are five phrases you should be wary of: Made with the goodness of wheat This is a popular one, often found on packages of crackers, bread and pastas. Notice it doesn’t say what kind of … Continue reading

Ingredient Spotlight: Chia Seeds

  Move over, Chia Pet. Make room, Chia Hair. Chia seeds have graduated from cheesy eighties gag gift to the new superfood on the block. I had heard rumblings about the benefits of chia seeds for a while, but frankly, they seemed too ‘healthy’ to me – I generally shy away from buying peripheral health ingredients … Continue reading

Guide to Grains

At our house, we do a fairly good rotation through the grains, partly because I like to try new healthy things and partly because I just got so damn bored of brown rice, brown rice, brown rice. Over the years I have experimented with quite a few and learned a few things about how and … Continue reading

Healthy Pretenders: The Most Overrated Foods in the Supermarket

I admit it: sometimes I’ll stand in front of the grocery store shelf for what seems like ages, picking up and putting down the same box of cereal, not sure if it’s a healthy choice. The row upon row of brightly coloured boxes can seem so mystifying! But over the years I have learned a … Continue reading

Supermarket Snack Hacks: Yogurt, The Final Frontier

So, you’ve read the other entries in this series, and now you’re buying plain yogurt from the grocery store and jazzing it up with cinnamon, cocoa powder and coffee, right? Of course you are. But, you ask, what about savoury options, Ms. Hedonist? Can I extend my Yogurt Repertoire even further? Well, ask and ye … Continue reading

Mastering the Art of an Interesting Life

On a recent trip to a little bookstore, I happened across Julia Child’s My Life in France. I picked it up, rifled through it, and decided to take it home and give it a try. People, I am in love with this book. I knew the basics about JC before I started the book – … Continue reading

Quick Tip: Create a List of Endangered Foods

  The other day A. was looking through the fridge and, predictably, stumbled upon some green vegetative matter hidden behind the tomato paste and adobo chilies.  “What is this?” he asked.  “I’m not sure,” I replied. “But it might have been kale. Or it might have been the single organism that all life originated from … Continue reading

5 Hidden Gems at The Supermarket

I would sum up my cooking philosophy this way: minimal effort for maximum taste. I like my recipes to be simple, natural, tasty, and preferably made in one pot. So when I go to the grocery store, I am always on the lookout for ingredients that can help me in this endeavor. But I’ve learned … Continue reading